Notícias da DESIS

Sustainable Design Education event in Rio de Janeiro

“Design-for-Sustainability’ (DfS) promotes products, services, and systems that deliver positive impacts to society, the environment, and the economy.  In the South-to-South event, DfS educators from Australian and Latin American universities will jumpstart collaborative relationships in DfS education and research and share expertise and experiences in a two-way knowledge exchange.  The event is co-organized in Rio de Janeiro by the UFRJ Coppe DESIS Lab, with other partners (see below).

All information about the South to South event in Rio de JaneiroHERE.

About the LENS network and South to South project in other countries

South-to-South activities in Rio de Janeiro include:

For STUDENTS (graduate and postgraduate): 

  • ‘South-to-South’ Student Workshop Series. Practical DfS learning activities to prepare students to design enabling solutions to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
    Day 12 March 2019, from 9 AM to 5 PM at Casa da Ciência da UFRJ

[ information and registration day 12, for the student workshop HERE]

For PROFESSORS and RESEARCHERS (including postgraduate students):

  • South-to-South’ Educators’ Symposium Series. Sharing DfS pedagogical and
    research projects.   Day 11 March 2019, from 11 AM to 17:30 PM at UFRJ, Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco G, sala G209
  • ‘South-to-South’ Collaboration Dialogue Series. Roundtable meetings to
    explore collaborative publications, joint industry projects and exchange of
    educators and students.  Day 13 March 2019 from 14 to 17 PM at UFRJ, Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco G, sala G209

[ information and registration for days 11 and 13 (you can choose which day to join)   HERE ]

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